Monday, 22 September 2008

bookarmy needs you!

Welcome to our Beta launch - and thanks for coming. The site will inevitably have some bugs and we really need your help in finding them over the next few weeks. Please register with the site and add reviews and ratings on your favourite books so we can get our clever algorithms working. The more data we have, the better our recommendations will get.

Visit book pages and help us connect your favourite books and authors by making recommendations - we've some prizes/bribes to give away to the most helpful among you.

We want you to enjoy the site - and if you don't, to let us know why. Visit the forums and post any problems you find and any suggestions you have for how we can make a better bookarmy.

We love books


Ron said...

hurry up bookarmy, I am armed for bear with recommendations.

eddd said...

Hello developers. I note that the wrong fields are being picked up from the database when populating the 'author'. Illustrators and translators are being picked up instead, with the author often left to the end. (See for instance "Wicked Tales" where the author should be Ed Wicke; "My Childhood" where the author is Maxim Gorky; "To Kill a Mockingbird" where the author is Harper Lee.