Friday, 29 May 2009

Bookarmy goes to Hay Festival '09

This morning we sent our trusty editor, Hannah, off to see what she could see at the carnival of literary delights that is Hay Festival 2009. Hannah has been acting as Bookarmy's eyes and ears at the festival, and we've already got a sneak preview of some of what she's been up to from the photos and other updates she's been sending us throughout the day.

Hay Festival was founded in 1988 by Peter Florence, who recognised Hay-on-Wye, with its disproportionately high number of bookshops, as the bibliophile’s paradise that it is. Every year, the population of this tiny town swells as people travel from far and wide to enjoy literary events, comedy and music in an idyllic Welsh setting. Bookarmy consider ourselves very fortunate to be amongst these literary pilgrims this year, but we office-bound staff members are more than just a touch envious of our editor - just look how perfect it is there! It’s no wonder the festival has grown and grown ever since it began.

Hannah will have crossed back over the Welsh border again by Monday, so you can expect lots of info from her next week about all her literary adventures and exactly which authors she managed to spot!

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