Thursday, 16 April 2009

I have recently been introduced to a poet called David Kay, whose poems never fail to provoke a reaction from me –mostly a smile.

It's like I always say:
"here's something,
you've never heard before,
that doesn't really apply,
to me,
or my methods,
but it'd be great,
if they did.

Dirty Dancing
There comes a time,
in every Englishman's life,
when he must learn salsa,
to save his relationship.

If he does not,
another man,
will dance salsa
all over the relationship,
and these,
are the very seeds,
of betrayal.

For salsa is ok,
in South America.
Salsa is not ok,
in South East England.

Visit his blog to read more and then post your comments on our Poetry forum.

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